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The One-Piece Toilet with a 4L/6L Dual Siphonic system boasts a contemporary design that adds a modern look to your powder room. It is ideal for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms where space is limited, thanks to its compact elongated shape that takes up the same space as a round-bowl toilet while providing added comfort. The toilet's 1.28-gallon high-efficiency flush delivers significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year compared to older 3.5-gallon toilets, all without compromising performance.


Furthermore, the Revolution 360 swirl flushing technology ensures that the bowl stays cleaner for longer periods. The chair-height compact elongated bowl enhances comfort during use, making it suitable for users of all ages. Additionally, the toilet comes with a Quiet-Close seat for a quieter and more convenient experience.

One-Piece Toilet 4L/6L Dual Siphonic

SKU: AD-382
  • •Dimension: 26.77* 16.14* 30.90 Inches

    •WaterSense low consumption: 1.28 GPF

    •Material: Porcelain, Ceramic

    •Seat Cover: Soft closed PP seat cover

    •Flush Button: Top Flush Button

    •Color: White

    •Elongated design: 18-9/10"

    •S Trap: 12" rough-in

    •MAP: 1000G

    •Drainaige Pattern: S-Trap

    •Certifications: IAPMO (CUPC), ADA,Water Sense

  • Space Saver with Small Size

    This toilet is Compact One Piece Toilet In Small Size smaller and shorter than a standard toilet,so it fits for small bathrooms.

    Water Conversation with Dual Flush Feature

    Fully Glazed Flush. Self-Cleaning Spray. Super-Quiet and powerful flush with no clogs.

    Leak-proof. Highly efficient Dual-Flush 0.8lpf/1.28lpf , average flush 1.28gpf, water conservation.

    One-Piece Design Toilet

    One-piece toilet with fully skirted design is easy to keep clean with fewer crevices than a larger, standard two-piece toilet.

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